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Apple's AI Adventure: Diving into a future where your iPhone knows you better than you ever imagined.

100x Growth from 4K to 400K: Unveiling the secret sauce behind a startup's explosive growth in the crowded mattress market.

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  • Apple Goes All In On AI

  • Rise from 4k-400k Monthly Traffic In a Year

  • US Treasury’s AI-Powered Fraud Crackdown

  • How to Use MeetCody to Train an AI on Your Business

  • Building AI Startups Today

  • AI Events For Business Owners 2024

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In the world of tech, it seems Apple is taking a bite out of the future. The giant is going all in on AI investments, cranking up the dial on improving product lines and supercharging the customer experience.


  • Apple has decided to cancel decade-long electric car Project Titan in the pursuit of redirecting resources toward AI development.

  • Plans are afoot to inject AI magic into Health and Fitness offerings, iPhone experience, and HomeKit devices, along with other apple products. The future's here.

  • This move by Apple echoes a growing trend in the tech industry: AI is no longer the geek in the corner but the prom queen everybody wants to dance with.

  • Apple shareholders on Wednesday also rejected a proposal for the company to provide an annual AI transparency report, including whether the company would be using the technology ethically.

Why it matters: As a titan of technology, Apple's massive bet on AI isn't just industry gossip—it's a clear sign of the times. For you business owners reading, this is more than a nudge. It's a full-on bullhorn bellowing the potential of AI to revamp, revitalize, and revolutionize business operations and customer experience.

The Story: Tomorrow Sleep, a startup in the mattress industry launched by Serta Simmons Bedding in mid-2017, initially struggled to gain traction online. With organic traffic at just 4K per month, they recognized the need for a robust online presence to compete against established brands. In mid-2018, they partnered with Social Media Sharks and utilized MarketMuse, an AI-powered content strategy platform, to overhaul their content creation approach. This strategic pivot aimed to draw high-quality traffic, rank for relevant keywords, and improve site engagement by filling content gaps and establishing domain expertise.

The Objective: The collaboration focused on three key objectives: increasing quality website traffic, ranking for relevant keywords, and increasing time spent on the site.

The Method: The team leveraged an AI platform to identify and analyze primary topics, uncover content opportunities, and develop in-depth content that positioned Tomorrow Sleep as an authority in the mattress space.

The Results: This strategic content overhaul resulted in a dramatic increase in organic traffic, from 4K to 400K monthly visitors within a year. Tomorrow Sleep not only outranked its largest competitor, Casper, for primary keywords but also achieved multiple top positions in SERPs and secured the featured snippet for key queries.

Closing statement: While we aren’t promoting Marketmuse, this narrative demonstrates to you the transformative power of strategic, AI-enhanced content marketing in achieving competitive advantage and significantly improving organic reach and engagement.

Summary: Uncle Sam has quietly deployed a new secret weapon designed to catch bad guys trying to commit fraud: artificial intelligence.The U.S. Treasury is turning to AI to keep the bad guys at bay, aiming to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Key points:

  • The U.S. Treasury, known for its love of greenbacks, is showing some love for AI too. They're utilizing AI to sniff out and slam the door on fraudulent activity - a big leap forward in government adoption of AI.(For better or for worse..)

  • It's expected to turbocharge the speed and accuracy of fraud detection. The treasury’s AI-powered fraud detection recovered $375 million in fiscal 2023.

  • They claim its not only about catching the bad guys, it's about understanding them. AI is proving its chops in spotting the sneaky anomalies and patterns that scream "fraudulent behavior".

  • But here's the real kicker: this isn't just a win for the Treasury. This illuminating use case shows how AI is being adopted across corporations & government, with implications stretching far beyond the corridors of power.

Why it matters: The government's AI adoption for fraud detection implies enhanced scrutiny of business filings, signaling the need for meticulous accuracy in your company's documentation. This move underscores the importance of vigilance and precision to avoid potential red flags in an increasingly monitored financial landscape.

Personalize your customer engagement with MeetCody, an AI assistant you can train on your business specifics for enhanced customer interaction.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Create Your MeetCody Account: Sign up to start personalizing your AI assistant.

  2. Train Cody on Your Business: Provide information about your business, products, services, and frequently asked questions to train Cody.

  3. Integrate Cody with Your Channels: Connect Cody to your website, social media, or customer service platforms.

  4. Activate Cody for Customer Interaction: Deploy Cody to start engaging with customers, providing personalized support and information.

  5. Monitor and Optimize: Use the insights gathered from Cody's interactions to refine its responses and improve customer satisfaction.

Gary and Jared from Y Combinator on YouTube unpack the surge in AI startups, emphasizing the sector's potential and pitfalls. Their insights are pivotal for anyone looking to dive into or navigate the AI startup ecosystem.

  • AI’s appeal is drawing in smart founders, with half of Y Combinator's summer 2023 batch being AI companies, demonstrating the sector's explosive growth and the vast opportunities it heralds.

  • Prompt engineering tools rising signifies your chance to contribute significantly to AI's evolution, with even those outside traditional pathways, such as college dropouts, making substantial impacts.

  • Consider AI's power for workflow automation, as evidenced by startups like Sweet Spot, which automate tedious processes such as government contract bidding, revealing the untapped business potential in everyday tasks.

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity are becoming increasingly crucial in the AI space, pointing to the need for specialized, domain-specific models that cater to new startup ventures and industry needs.

Why it matters:
Their experience provides a crucial guide for identifying sustainable opportunities in AI, helping you to focus on innovations that truly differentiate and add value to your business in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Check out the full video here.

🛠 AI Events For Business Owners 2024

  1. NVIDIA GTC AI Conference 2024

    • Location and Date: San Jose, CA, March 17-21, 2024

    • Description: A highly anticipated event for learning cutting edge trends, networking with the top AI industry experts, workshops, trainings with chief AI company speakers.

  2. AI & Big Data Expo North America

    • Location and Date: Santa Clara, CA, June 5-6, 2024

    • Description: This event provides comprehensive insights into AI and big data challenges and opportunities, making it suitable for business owners looking to implement AI and data analytics in their operations.

  3. The AI Summit New York
    Location and Date: New York, Dec 11-12, 2024
    Description: Focused on bringing AI to life in the commercial realm, this summit offers insights into applied AI, making it perfect for business owners aiming to refine their AI strategies and learn from industry leaders​​.

  4. World Summit AI
    Location and Date: Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 9–10, 2024
    Value: One of the largest AI events that you can attend. A significant gathering setting the global AI agenda, ideal for networking and gaining insights on AI ethics, applied AI, and more​​.


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