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  • 🍎Apple's Latest Power Play: DarwinAI

🍎Apple's Latest Power Play: DarwinAI

PLUS: FTC vs. Reddit: An IPO in jeopardy?

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Apple taps into AI's raw power with DarwinAI—what innovative surprises await in your next update?

Peek behind Reddit's curtain as the FTC probes into its user data policies—what does this mean for the future of AI and your privacy?

In today’s AI Scoop:

  • Apple Acquires AI Company DarwinAI

  • AI Business Market Analysis

  • Reddit Faces FTC Ahead of IPO

  • How to use Copy.ai for Marketing & Sales optimization

  • More AI Business links

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  • New Free AI Business Resources

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Summary: AI in business is evolving & we’re not talking Charles Darwin. Apple is boosting its AI game by acquiring DarwinAI, a Canadian based AI company that improves electronics manufacturing just months before their IOS 18 update.

Image Source: voicebot.ai


  • Apple's AI strategy has received a significant boost with the acquisition of DarwinAI, which we anticipate will allow for significant AI features in the iPhone's upcoming IOS 18 update.

  • Imagine DarwinAI as many robots that learn from each other how to pick up & inspect different items quickly. This collective learning across various areas accelerates their ability to handle a wide range of items efficiently, without compromising company secrets.

  • The exciting strategic purchase of DarwinAI positions Apple to more effectively rival AI giants like Google and Microsoft in the competitive AI landscape. Time will tell who will be the big kid on the block.

  • Among the innovative features of iOS 18 are an AI-powered Siri upgrade and new functions for auto-summarization and auto-completion across apps, powered by Apple’s advanced large language model, Ajax.

Why it Matters:This is a sign of the times. AI is no longer an optional extra, but a necessity in companies set to redefine our interaction with technology. Apple along with all the giants are integrating AI into their products. Don't be left behind because let’s face it, nobody wants to be a Nokia in an iPhone world. 🚀

As we move forward in 2024, the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in business functions is not just a trend—it's becoming a cornerstone of strategy. Here's a quick look at the landscape according to recent data in a Statista report:

Source: Statista

Market Takeaways

  • IT & Cybersecurity Take the Lead: A whopping 71% of professionals in IT and cybersecurity are harnessing AI with high to very high expertise. This is where AI's impact is the most pronounced.

  • Marketing and R&D Are Close Competitors: Both marketing, sales, customer service, and product development & R&D show strong AI integration, with 73% of professionals demonstrating at least some expertise.

  • Operational Strategy: Strategy and operations are also not far behind, with 62% of professionals using AI at various levels of expertise.

  • Manufacturing Gets Smarter: Over half the professionals in supply chain and manufacturing (61%) are now implementing AI tools in their processes.

  • Finance and HR Are On Board Too: Even areas traditionally seen as less technology-driven like finance (64%) and human resources (60%) are significantly adopting AI capabilities.

Source: Aiffluence Revisualizing Statista Data

  • Unlike the previous detailed bar graph, this pie chart simplifies the comparison of AI expertise across business functions, instantly showing which sectors are most AI-savvy through the size of their pie slices.

If your business hasn't started integrating AI, or if you're just dipping your toes in the water, now's the time to dive deeper. Staying updated with AI is no longer optional; it's a necessity to remain competitive and innovative. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve.

Summary:The Federal Trade Commission on March 14th has turned its magnifying glass towards Reddit, investigating its licensing of user data for AI training. This move, spotlighted by Reddit's IPO filings, raises intriguing questions about the use of data and the growing importance of AI in business.

Generated by OpenAI’s Dall-E


  • Picture this: Reddit, your go-to platform for cat videos & heated debates, caught in the crosshairs for allegedly licensing user data to train AI models. Who would have thought?

  • Adding more intrigue to the mix, the FTC has decided to play Sherlock Holmes. They're investigating Reddit's practices around selling, licensing, or sharing user-generated content with third parties for AI model training.

  • Reddit's recent announcement about its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and its investor pitches highlight the potential goldmine that is AI model training. A head-turning $203 million agreement, speculated to be with the tech titan Google, emphasizes the business gravity of such AI data licensing deals.

  • From Hollywood to news outlets, the implications that data licensing for AI models is catching attention in various industries. This underscores a growing demand for top-tier data to train more sophisticated AI models—think real-time information processing and media content generation.

Why it matters:This Reddit saga could be a game-changer in how we regulate and use user-generated data for AI development. As business owners, it's a clear signal to stay sharp and vigilant about data practices and partnerships. To navigate this evolving landscape, it's pivotal to adapt your strategies, tackle potential regulatory challenges, and harness AI advancements effectively.

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