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Elon Musk Attempt To Acquire OpenAI

Also:Case Study-Billions in AI Fashion

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Did Elon Musk plot a high-stakes Tesla-OpenAI merger, or is there more to unravel behind the lawsuit and the closed doors of AI?

Also discover how a once small fashion company used AI-driven success to hammer out billions in the fashion industry.

In today’s AI Scoop:

  • Leak Reveals Attempted Tesla & OpenAI Merger

  • Case Study: Personalized Fashion In The Billions

  • Streamlining Your Content Strategy With Jasper AI

  • NVIDIA CEO: Who Will Shape Future of AI?

  • AI Events For Business Owners 2024

  • Quick Hit Links & Bonuses

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Summary: Last week Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against OpenAI alleging they betrayed their founding agreement that AI was to be for the benefit of humanity with open-source AI & not closed for profit. Recently unearthed emails reveal a plot that never quite materialized: Elon Musk's ambitious plan to a "for-profit pivot" merge Tesla with OpenAI under the belief that this was the only hope to compete with Google.


  • In a bold move characteristic of the flamboyant entrepreneur, Musk attempted to sculpt a future where Tesla, and OpenAI would become one and OpenAI would leverage Tesla as in the words of Elon it’s “Cash cow”.

  • This audacious plan was discovered through a series of email exchanges in 2018 between Musk and OpenAI, proof that Musk's vision for AI far extends beyond flamethrowing and space travel.

  • If this merger had taken place back then, we would have witnessed a marriage of giants, a coalition that could have potentially redefined the landscape of both the AI and automobile industries & AI research could have taken a different direction

  • In regards to the lawsuit, Elon has stated on X that he would drop the lawsuit if OpenAI changed their name to ClosedAI.

Why it matters: This nearly-realized merger between Tesla and OpenAI underscores how seemingly small moments in business can totally alter the course of your future as seen considering looking at OpenAI today. Also don’t always believe what you see at first glance.

The Story & Challenge: At its inception, Stitch Fix tackled the compelling challenge of personalizing fashion in an impersonal, digital space. As their client base expanded, so did preferences. This growth presented a challenge: How could Stitch Fix maintain the deeply personalized experience that set them apart while efficiently scaling their service to meet a surge in demand?

The Objective:

The company’s goals were ambitious yet clear: improve the recommendation algorithm to reduce return rates, maximize customer satisfaction, and sustain market growth. Stitch Fix sought to demonstrate the potential of AI to not only match but enhance human-led services.

The Method:

Stitch Fix refined their machine learning algorithms with a rich dataset encompassing style preferences, body dimensions, and customer feedback. This AI-powered system was designed to support stylists by offering them smarter choices, thus streamlining the decision-making process.

The Results:

  • Reduced return rates by 20-25%, demonstrating improved accuracy in stylist selections.

  • Achieved a 30% increase in customer retention due to higher satisfaction with the personalized items received.

  • Generated substantial revenue growth, with a 22% increase in net revenue in a single fiscal year.

  • Expanded its market share, with the number of active clients growing by 18% year over year.

Closing Statement:

As of 2023 their revenue was $2.07B. The success story of Stitch Fix exemplifies the transformative power of AI in traditional business sectors. By optimizing their unique combination of AI and human expertise, Stitch Fix not only increased efficiency but also enhanced the personalized experience offered to their customers, cementing their position as a leader in personalized online retail.

In the last session this week we covered Jasper AI’s personalized marketing campaigns. Now for those of you looking to refine your company content strategy, Jasper AI also offers a powerful solution to streamline creation, enhance optimization, and organize your content efforts effectively. Here’s how to leverage Jasper AI succinctly:

Step 1: Grasp Jasper AI’s Capabilities

  • Understand that Jasper AI can analyze audience data, suggest content ideas, and automate content creation, providing a solid foundation for your strategy.

Step 2: Develop a Data-Driven Content Plan

  • Utilize Jasper AI to gather insights on audience preferences and content performance, ensuring your plan is both strategic and responsive to your audience's needs.

Step 3: Generate Ideas with AI

  • Employ Jasper to propose topics and formats that resonate with your target audience, keeping your content relevant and engaging.

Step 4: Automate Content Creation

  • Use Jasper AI to efficiently create quality content drafts, from blog posts to social media updates, saving time while maintaining a consistent content flow.

Step 5: Optimize for SEO

  • Apply Jasper’s SEO tools to enhance your content’s online visibility, incorporating optimized keywords, and meta descriptions to attract and engage more viewers.

Step 6: Track Performance and Adjust

  • Monitor your content’s performance with Jasper AI’s analytics tools, refining your strategy based on what works best for continuous improvement.

Final Thoughts: Integrating Jasper AI into your content strategy not only saves time but also ensures your content is tailored to your audience, optimized for search engines, and aligned with your business goals. Stop shooting in the dark & transform your content strategy into an efficient, results-driven approach.

In this insightful video that takes place in the World Government Summit 2024 Jensen Huang, the founder of NVIDIA, speaks about the transformative role of AI in ushering in a new Industrial Revolution, focusing on the democratization of AI technology. We watched the video so you don’t have to, heres the key points:

Key Insights:

  • Big Spending on AI: NVIDIA is riding the wave of a big change where companies are going to spend $2 trillion more on faster, smarter computers. If your business is involved in tech, it's crucial to know this and get ready for more customers wanting advanced AI.

  • AI for Everyone: NVIDIA is making super-fast computing cheap and available for all through its gaming tech. Businesses of every size, even whole countries, can now jump on the AI bandwagon without breaking the bank.

  • Build Your Own AI: Huang states It’s important for businesses and countries to create their own AI setups. Making your own AI tools and systems means you can stay on top of industry trends and ahead of competition.

  • Open Tech = More Growth: NVIDIA's tech is for anyone to use, which means AI isn't just for the big players anymore. This is great news for you wanting to use AI to get ahead, especially with newer, flexible tech that's coming up.

Why it matters: Understanding NVIDIA's role in the surge of AI is crucial: the push towards a $2 trillion AI data center era spearheaded by NVIDIA is a defining shift in the business landscape. Open-source platforms means gaining a competitive edge—leverage this moment to be a leader in the impending AI revolution that's set to transform varied industries from the ground up.


  • 🤖 Three Predictions for AI and automation outline the expected integration levels in business operations, workforce impacts, and evolving company ecosystems.

  • 💼 Enterprise Path to AI Training programs emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and custom solutions in AI skill development for employees.

  • 🔄 Transforming Demand Planning with generative AI discusses the technology's role in refining forecasting methods and enhancing business responsiveness to market changes.

  • 📚 Closing Skills Gaps with Technology examines AI's role in personalizing learning and development to improve workforce efficiency and service quality.

  • 🛠️ The Future of Work and how AI training is influencing the evolution of job markets underscores the need for adapting to technological advancements through continuous education.

  • 💳 AI for Retail Lending explores the expected advancements and the potential impact on risk assessment, customer service, and loan management processes in the finance industry.

🌎AI Events For Business Owners 2024

  1. NVIDIA GTC AI Conference 2024

    • Location and Date: San Jose, CA, March 17-21, 2024

    • Description: A highly anticipated event for learning cutting edge trends, networking with the top AI industry experts, workshops, trainings with chief AI company speakers.

  2. AI & Big Data Expo North America

    • Location and Date: Santa Clara, CA, June 5-6, 2024

    • Description: This event provides comprehensive insights into AI and big data challenges and opportunities, making it suitable for business owners looking to implement AI and data analytics in their operations.

  3. The AI Summit New York
    Location and Date: New York, Dec 11-12, 2024
    Description: Focused on bringing AI to life in the commercial realm, this summit offers insights into applied AI, making it perfect for business owners aiming to refine their AI strategies and learn from industry leaders​​.

  4. World Summit AI
    Location and Date: Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 9–10, 2024
    Value: One of the largest AI events that you can attend. A significant gathering setting the global AI agenda, ideal for networking and gaining insights on AI ethics, applied AI, and more​​.


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