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  • 🌎UN and AI: A New Global Frontier

🌎UN and AI: A New Global Frontier

PLUS: See how 68% of pros are using AI for solutions you're missing out on.

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Will the UN's new AI resolution be the dawn of a new era in digital ethics and global cooperation?

Also how are professionals like you leveraging AI to outthink competition and what can you do to join them? Lets find out!

In today’s AI Scoop:

  • UN Adopts First Global AI Resolution

  • AI in USA Most Popular Use Cases

  • AI’s Practical Impact on Your Business

  • AI Training of the Day

  • Quick AI Business Links

  • New Free AI Business Resources

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Summary: The UN General Assembly unanimously approves a groundbreaking resolution on AI, urging nations to prioritize human rights, data protection, and risk monitoring.

Image Source: Dall-E

Key Points:

  • The resolution, backed by the US and China among others, emphasizes human rights safeguards and privacy enhancements.

  • It is part of global efforts to ensure AI development does not undermine democracy, increase fraud, or lead to significant job losses.

  • U.S. National Security Advisor highlights the resolution as a foundational step for future AI governance.

  • The UN wants to aim to bridge the digital divide to enable all countries to benefit from AI tech.

Why it matters: This resolution represents a crucial global consensus on the regulating AI's influence in a sustainable direction while empowering global access. For you guys it shows with AI tech the global market is preparing to boom in the coming years and represents a tsunami of opportunity for the less and more fortunate from the digital AI age.

 📈 AI in USA Most Popular Use Cases

Image Source: Statista

A recent Statista study here has revealed intriguing ways generative AI is being utilized by professionals across the board. Notably, for decision-making and creative processes, AI tools are not just assistants but collaborators.

68% of users turn to AI for quick, insightful answers to complex questions, while 54% use these intelligent systems for brainstorming sessions that fuel innovation.

For instance, you might ask, "What patterns exist in customer purchase behavior over the last quarter?" or "How can we reduce operational costs without affecting product quality?"

Consider employing AI as a brainstorming partner. Pose prompts like, "Explore ways to enhance our service delivery model using current technology trends," which can unlock a spectrum of creative strategies.

Taking cues from the stats, integrating AI into your decision-making process is a strategic move towards remaining competitive and innovative. Let AI do the heavy lifting on data and ideation, so you can focus on steering your business with precision and creativity.

Summary Hey, let’s talk about AI’s real-deal impact on your work life. We’re touching the basics for the new subscribers.

Image Source: Analyticsinsights

From sharpening customer service with smart chatbots to getting financial forecasts on the dot, AI is the edge you need to be using.

Key Points

  • AI is providing tools that enhance all departments in a business that we always mention here; from marketing to HR & more.

  • AI can sift through your numbers, offering insights that shape better business decisions. Upload your data in chatgpt and see!

  • Remember you have to do this right. Navigating AI's ethical landscape is crucial—getting this right means winning customer trust and safeguarding your brand.

  • The skills gap is real. Invest in training for you and your team to make the most of the tools you select.

Why it Matters Here’s the scoop. Integrating AI means you can work smarter, with technology tackling the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategy and growth.

We’d suggest a simple approach:

  1. Identify bottlenecks/inefficiencies in your company like repetitive processes or analysis.

  2. Find a tool with an AI aggregator site like futurepedia that can do the job.

  3. Test it for efficacy in your company & analyze it’s impact for optimization.

  4. Then repeat with new solutions as they feel appropriate.

    Go slowly at first and build from there!

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